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Axxair CC321 Cutting Range 140 - 330 mm

 Axxair 121 Eco Cutting Range 5 -121 mm


Orbital Pipe Products for pipe Cutting and Bevelling




CC81   5 - 78 mm

CC121 ECO  5 - 121 mm

CC121  5-121 mm

CC171  16-170 mm



CC221  59-225 mm

CC321 140-330 mm

CC421  212-422 mm

CC521  312-522 mm

CC721   447-725 mm

1100 PD  711-1016 mm



Axxair Orbital Bevelling Machine

ECO Tom 21-125 mm

Cutting Machine Dimensions

MS Motor for  Tube wall thickness Less than <15mm

Axxair Bevelling Machines

CC721.pdf CC421.pdf CC521.pdf CC721.pdf CC1100.pdf Consumables.pdf CC421.pdf Axxair Eco Tom.pdf Axxair Eco Tom.pdf More Details Cutting Machine Dims p26_27.pdf

Axxair CC Range of Orbital Cutting/Bevelling Machines

Facing a big repair bill for your Old GF or Orbitalum Machine or just want to upgrade

Problem solved, up to £1000 Scrap Value when you part exchange your

COMPLETE OLD GF, Orbitalum or Axxair Machine whether it is working or not for a

 Brand New Axxair CC 121 or CC 171 Machine

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Ring our sales team today

 01279 717150  for a quote

Ring our sales team today

 01279 717150  for a quote