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                UNI Omega 60 Pressure Test Pump

        Reliable, proven pressure testing for pipe systems and receptacles
        Pressure testing range p, less than or equal to 60 bar/6 MPa/870 psi
        Suitable for water, oil and glycol

        pH value of liquids 7 - 12
        Temperature of liquids -30° - 60°C
        Viscosity of liquid, less than or equal to1.5mPa s

Universal use

        Suitable for plumbing, heating, sprinkler systems, solar systems,

compressed air, steam, cooling systems, oil installations and many more applications.


       Solid metal design for site use.
       Powder coated, corrosion resistant with a 12 litre reservoir.
       Heavy duty lever with comfortable handle that doubles

as carrying handle when in locked position.
       Ø 30mm wear resistant brass pressure piston.
       High pressure hose with ½" connection.


       Pressure testing with water or oil.
       Double valve system for reliable pressure build up.
       High pumping capacity with long pump stroke,

 fine pressure adjustment with short pushes.
       Heavy duty high pressure fabric ply hose.

Supply Format

       UNI  OMEGA 60 hand pressure testing pump, pressure gauge,

1.5m hose with ½" connection,

supplied in cardboard box.

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Stock Code OMEGA60/UNI

UNI Omega 60 Pressure Test Pump